Sunday, December 9, 2012

Budget Inns in Vigan City

Grandpa's Inn in Vigan City
When I checked Pilipinas Road Trip page in Facebook, I got some inqueries regarding budget inns in Vigan City.

I immediately scoured the Internet for places that are light on the pocket.  In this post, I will provide some budget inns and hotels that Vigan City vistiors and tourists can consider.

Grandpa's Inn is conveniently located at the corner of Bonifacio Street and Quirino Boulevard.  The inn boasts of Kusina Felicitas (that offers authentic Ilocano dishes), Uno Grille (for all-time grilled dishes) and Cafe Uno (for coffee, cakes and pasta).

For family or group of four, the Calesa Room is ideal.  It is good for four (4) persons.  Room rate is Ps. 2680.00 which includes complimentary breakfast.  For couples, there's the airconditioned rooms that they get for just Ps. 1780.00.

Backpackers on the otherhand might find Green R Hotel appealing.  This budget inn is right beside Partas Bus station.  Airconditioned room rate is just Ps. 750.00 which is good for 2 persons. 

Mom's Courtyard in Bongtolan, Vigan City
Mom's Courtyard, another budget inn in Vigan City offers comfy cottages.  It also has conference halls and wedding reception facility which can be ideal for large family gatherings.

Cuarto del Senor of Villa Angela
Villa Angela is a favorite among tourists.  It's Cuarto del Señor which is air-conditioned and has cable TV is ideal for couples.  Daily rate of the room during regular season is Ps. 2500, however, during peak season, rate goes up to Ps 3000.  For couples on tight budget, they might want to get Cuarto Pequeño whose rate is between Ps. 1500 to 2000, depending on the season.

For group travellers on a budget, they can choose from two dormitory rooms.


  1. Nice blog. I went to Vigan last year to sight-see but never really stayed overnight. From Vigan, Ilocos Sur, we traveled to Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte where we had our accommodations. I'll keep your suggestions in mind on my next visit to Ilocos.

  2. Where do you stay in pagudpod and how much is the rate? Thank you.